About the handling of personal information

  • Use of personal information
    (1) We will make use of personal information as far as necessary for business, questions and to handle requests from our customers.
    (2) We shall, in the case of using personal information beyond the scope of the use purpose, gain the person's consent, upon notice of the use purpose in advance.
  • Providing personal information to a third party
    We shall not provide a third party with any personal information, except in the case that the person's consent was obtained in advance or that it is duly stipulated by laws and regulations.
  • Management of personal information
    We will take appropriate and reasonable protective steps from technical and control sides to keep personal information safe during the period we consider necessary, lest any illegal access, leak of information, loss, damage, falsification, etc. should occur.
  • Disclosure/correction/use suspension/erasing of personal information
    We will promptly respond in the case that a person should request for disclosure/correction/use suspension/erasing of personal information.
  • Contact information
    TEL +81-3-6892-2843
    FAX +81-3-6892-2846